‘I can’t imagine doing anything else’

Kyran Tankard - Fleetwood Market's youngest trader
Kyran Tankard - Fleetwood Market's youngest trader

When Kyran Tankard left school, he never dreamed just three years later he would be running two successful market stalls.

In fact, the 19-year-old, who is Fleetwood Market’s youngest trader, went to college to study for a qualification in IT.

During that time he worked on the market helping out on a stall to earn pocket money – and it was that experience that gave him the bug, the yearn to work for himself.

“It was just something I did while I was at college but I soon realised how much I was enjoying working here.

“I have always been good at talking, and that is something you need on a market stall!

“Now I can’t imagine how I could have ever sat behind a desk all day, this suits me.”

Kyran set up his stall almost a year ago to the day selling perfume.

The opportunity to take on another stall came up in November and side-by-side, the two stalls selling a range of perfume, hair accessories and jewellery are making a decent living for Kyran.

“I have regular customers and the ones from Scotland absolutely love the market.

“They say there aren’t many markets like this in Scotland, and they are amazed when they come.”

Kyran, who works four days a week on the stalls, and further days at the wholesalers, said he is keen to sell quality items at a higher price, rather than rubbish.

He added: “I’d rather customers be satisfied with a quality product, otherwise they might not come back.

“I’ve had so much help, tips and advice from the other traders, it has been invaluable.

“The best advice I have had is to make sure everything is priced properly, then people can make their decisions about whether it’s the right item for them.

“I’ve been coming to Fleetwood Market all my life, and it isn’t as busy as it was, but I believe markets are not a dying breed.

“It’s OK shopping online or in a supermarket, but you can’t wander round or have a rummage like you can on a market. People still want to see and feel what they are buying, and explore what’s on sale.

“Fleetwood can still be a good tourist place.

“The seafront is being revamped, there are events going on, like Tram Sunday, and the town goes hand in hand with Blackpool.

“I’m enjoying working here, I can’t imagine doing anything else now. I work hard and play hard. I’m looking forward to a holiday soon and my partner and I are considering buying a house too.”