‘I can’t believe someone doesn’t know him’

Evofit of body found on beach at Rossall, Fleetwood.
Evofit of body found on beach at Rossall, Fleetwood.

Police have issued an emotive appeal to try to identify the body of a man who was tragically washed up on Fleetwood beach.

Despite several appeals and the release of an Evofit image, there have been no calls to help police identify him – despite the fact he is most likely from the Fylde coast.

The man’s body was found a mile out from the coastline at Rossall and was recovered with the assistance of the Coastguard last Monday.

Det Insp Bev Foster, who is leading the appeal, said it was a difficult case.

She told the Weekly News: “It is really sad that nobody has come forward or been in touch.

“After speaking to the Coastguard, it is unlikely that he came to be in the water anywhere other than on the Fylde coast.

“He could possibly live on his own and doesn’t have any close family, so we are appealing to people to see if they are missing a neighbour or someone down at the pub, something like that.

“We are also appealing to bed and breakfast accommodation and holiday flats to see if they are missing anyone.

“He was wrapped up for the cold weather.

“He had track suit bottoms on underneath a pair of trousers, a T-shirt and a woolly jumper and coat.

“He was smart and wore decent shoes and was clean shaven.

“I’ve spoken to the pathologist and he was only in the water for a short time, not more than a few days and its unlikely that he has come from anywhere further than the Fylde coast.

“There is nothing suspicious about it – various toxicology tests have been carried out and there are no marks on his body.

“He hasn’t got any tattoos, wasn’t wearing jewellery and had no phone or a wallet.

“I can’t believe that someone locally doesn’t know him and I know the Evofit is a really good match.

“There have been a few calls about missing people but in those cases the people have turned up.

“We have also put it out to other forces – but so far we have had nothing.

The man is described as being white and aged in his late 40s to mid-60s. He is 5ft 8 to 10in tall, medium build, clean shaven with light brown balding hair and blue eyes.

If anyone can help identify the man, call police on 101.