Hovercraft group defend their plans

A hovercraft like this could be coming to Fleetwood.
A hovercraft like this could be coming to Fleetwood.

The group planning to operate a hovercraft linking Fleetwood to Southport, Liverpool and Barrow insist the scheme is workable, and they are pressing ahead with the plans.

Last month, the Weekly News revealed a company called Hovercraft Services Ltd had approached Fleetwood MP Eric Ollerenshaw about proposals to set up the service.

The MP then met other north west MPs for a cross-party meeting to discuss the plans, likely to involve a 95-seater craft.

The proposals, although at a very early stage, have been welcomed by many in Fleetwood, who say it would open the town up for extra trade.

However, not everyone has been so positive.

There have been suggestions, from Weekly News letters correspondent GD Horton of Rydal Avenue, that Fleetwood’s sea is too rough for such a scheme, and that several similar ventures failed to take off in the past.

However, one of the men behind the scheme, who did not wish to be named at this stage, says the plans are sound.

He said: “It has been pointed out that plans to run hovercrafts from Fleetwood in the past have come to nothing, and the seas are too rough.

“But the craft we are proposing to use are bigger, more powerful and much more modern than in the past, and able to deal with conditions.

“They will have a bigger lift-off and are capable of operating in seas up to two and half metres, while here in Fleetwood it will be only one and half metres with the swell.

“These big, modern hovercrafts are more efficient and less noisy.”

He added: “Of course, it is early days, but we are thankful that Eric Ollerenshaw has taken it onboard to get a cross-party meeting going.

“We are now at a stage where we are just finishing off our business plan.”