Holiday fears over visitors to new island

The new island forming off Fleetwood PIC: Vision Air
The new island forming off Fleetwood PIC: Vision Air

Are you planning a summer trip to the Fylde coast’s newest mystery island? Be careful.

Coastal safety volunteers have expressed their fears that people seeking to explore the bank of shingle and stone off the coast of Fleetwood in the upcoming summer holidays may find themselves cut off by the tide.

Stuart McGregor, a National Coastwatch Institution volunteer based at Rossall Point observation tower, said: “One of our concerns is that the summer holidays are approaching and we are worried about people attempting to walk out to the island.

“It’s been on television, it’s been in the papers and now it’s got Union Jack flags on it.

“There are very strong tides out there. All people can see if the sand, but there are great, deep gullies if you walk out. A 5ft tall person could actually disappear if they stepped in one.

“Then of course the tide runs inshore when it comes in and they can get cut off.

“The island is nearly two miles out, which is no short distance. The tide comes in very quickly.

“What we have had recently are organised trips out there, but there’s always the danger that children on a nice summer day will walk out and just keep walking without realising what’s going on behind them.

“We have seen on several occasions where people have been cut off by the tide.”

He added that people who wish to venture out to the island should inform the coastwatch beforehand.

He said: “It’s important for people to get in touch with us before they go out. We can see the coast quite clearly from the tower and will be able to keep an eye on them.”