A FLEETWOOD man was handed just £300 to carry out a contract killing, a court heard.

But hitman Paul Glen, of Hatfield Avenue, stabbed and killed the wrong man by mistake, it is alleged.

A jury was told this week that the cash may have been just a down payment – a paltry sum resulting in the death of a young man who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The victim, Robert Bogle, aged 25, was stabbed 10 times as he prepared a meal in the kitchen of his house for himself and his girlfriend. He staggered out into the street and later died in hospital.

His senseless death was down to 33 year old Glen making a fatal blunder when he arrived at the house in Main Street, Farcet, near Peterborough, on June 8 last year.

Norwich Crown Court heard that the intended victim, 30 year old Vincent Smart, did not even look like his flatmate, Mr Bogle.

Mr Smart was white, while Mr Bogle was black. But Mr Smart was not at home at the time.

It is alleged that Glen was sent to kill Vincent Smart by wealthy businessman Robert Lotts.

Lotts (45), of St Mary's Way, Farcet, has admitted paying Glen 300 to warn off Mr Smart after they were involved in a long-running village feud.

But, Rex Tedd QC, prosecuting, said: "It is unlikely, you might think, that the true sum was as little as 300. Such a derisory figure would be little attraction to Mr Glen to come down from Liverpool – it would hardly cover the bus fare.

"The true sum is likely to have been far greater than 300. It is likely to have involved a down payment in advance and further payment after completion."

The fixer for the hit was Victor Dark (48), who was jailed for four armed robberies in 1980, and was serving time for kidnapping three people at gunpoint in 1989 when he met Glen.

Lotts was put in contact with Glen by his brother-in-law Wayne Wright (45) who knew Dark.

Lotts, Wright, from Hackney in east London, Dark, from Goffs Oak, Hertfordshire, and Glen all deny murdering Robert Bogle and conspiracy to murder Vincent Smart.

Lotts and Wright have admitted conspiring to cause Mr Smart grievous bodily harm.

Dark and Glen deny conspiring with them.

The trial continues.