Help us to cross the road!

Fleetwood residents campaigning on Lord Street (from left) Loraine Parr, Cheryl Muir, Mary Clarke, Edward Clarke and Deb Johnstone
Fleetwood residents campaigning on Lord Street (from left) Loraine Parr, Cheryl Muir, Mary Clarke, Edward Clarke and Deb Johnstone

URGENT calls have been made for a crossing on busy Lord Street in Fleetwood town centre.

A group of residents believe someone could be killed on the high street after the original crossing was removed last year as part of the roadworks for the supertram.

They say elderly people and mums with prams in particular should not be left at the mercy of traffic.

The previous crossing was sited between London Street and Kemp Street but was taken away in order to accommodate a new tram bay for the supertram.

The main protester calling for a crossing is Lorraine Parr, 61 of Curtis Drive, Fleetwood. She is angry that not even a temporary stop has been erected for the safety of pedestrians.

Lancashire County Council has apologised for delays in dealing with the issue, and says there will be a replacement.

But Mrs Parr told the Weekly News: “It is a disgrace that a main road like Fleetwood does not have any kind of pedestrian crossing.

“I am not as agile as I was and trying to get across the road can be frightening.

“Does someone have to be killed before anything is done?”

Her views were echoed by other residents.

Edward Clarke, 65, of the West View estate said: “Sometimes you get buses moving quite quickly when they get a head of steam.

“If you are an elderly person and you misjudge how quickly they go, you will have no chance.

“Sometimes you are literally risking your life, it’s kamikaze.”

And Deb Johnstone, who is also secretary of West View Community Association, said: “Even if there are problems siting a permanent crossing just yet, a temporary one should be set up.

“We have too many elderly people and mums who desperately need help getting across the road, yet there is not a single one along the length of Lord Street.”

Fleetwood Town Council chairman Terry Rogers has looked into the matter of behalf of Mrs Parr.

He said: “This is an example of Lancashire County Council, Blackpool Council and BAM Nuttall not carrying out enough forward planning.

“The problem is that the old crossing cannot remain there because of the new bays, and it is a question of where you can put a replacement.”

But Mrs Parr said: “Lord Street is long enough for them to find one suitable spot, surely.

“We have been months without one, putting lives at risk.”

Andy Whitlam, public transport manager, said: “We needed to move the pedestrian crossing on Lord Street to construct one of the new tram stops in its place.

“The main engineering works have been completed and ducts for power cables have been installed for the new crossing which will be located immediately south of junction of Lord Street and London Street.

“We anticipate that the traffic lights will be in place by next month and we hope to have it working soon afterwards.

“We apologise for the delay in completing the works and apologise for the inconvenience caused.”