HEARTBREAKING: Babies’ graves targeted by heartless thieves

A number of plastic figurines were stolen from two children's graves in Fleetwood Cemetery
A number of plastic figurines were stolen from two children's graves in Fleetwood Cemetery

A heartbroken mum today told of her anger after her babies’ graves were targeted by heartless thieves.

Police are investigating the theft of several plastic Disney and Marvel figurines that had been left on two of the children’s graves at Fleetwood Cemetery by grieving parents.

It’s the sentimental reasons because they were for our children.

Laura Brodie

Laura Brodie, of Orchard Drive, said she was left “fuming” after the items vanished from a memorial garden at the site of her son and daughter’s grave at the cemetery, on Beach Road.

The theft was noticed by her friend who was visiting her son’s plot, which was also targeted by the thieves, to commemorate his eighth birthday.

Mrs Brodie said: “It has happened various times but this is the worst because they took everything apart from three things between the two gardens. There was quite a few a few of them that had been taken.

“I hope I never see the people that did it, to be honest – I was fuming.

“I ended up smashing an old cupboard we have in our garden, I was that angry.”

The 30-year-old was 28 weeks pregnant with her daughter Elyssa when the baby was stillborn in February 2009.

She is buried in the cemetery with her brother Tyler following his death in November 2009, when Mrs Brodie was 13 weeks pregnant.

Several Disney figurines, which police say were worth around £50, had been left at the grave. A number of similar Star Wars and Marvel Comics figurines were taken from the neighbouring grave.

Mrs Brodie said: “All that was left was a teddy. None of the other gardens seem to have had anything taken.

“It’s not the price – they were around £5 each.

“It’s the sentimental reasons because they were for our children.”

A group was set up two years ago to protect the graves after a spate of vandalism.

On those occasions, memorabilia was stolen, flowers were wrecked and items thrown around the gardens.

Fleetwood Police confirmed they are looking into the latest incident, which is believed to have taken place between noon on Sunday and 3pm on Monday.

A spokesman said: “We are investigating a theft that occurred at Fleetwood Cemetery on Beach Road.

“A number of small plastic Disney ornaments have been stolen from a child’s grave within the cemetery.”

Anyone with information is asked to call Fleetwood Police on 101.