Survivor’s cancer call

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A survivor of oesophageal cancer is urging others to take action as soon as they have symptoms.

Susan Anderson (pictured), from Thornton, was treated at Blackpool Victoria Hospital’s Gastroenterology Department.

Symptoms include having heartburn most days for three weeks or more, a sensation that food is ‘stuck’ in the gullet, feeling sick, stomach pain and feeling full quickly.

Susan, 64, who works at a GP surgery, said she was glad she acted fast when she had a persistent cough in 2012.

She said: “I had a cough on and off for two to three months. It would not go away. I had a camera put down my throat.

“I was shocked when they said it was cancer. I had never smoked and I felt well.

“I had my first chemotherapy session in August 2012. I had six lots and 25 
radiotherapy sessions.

“Dr Siva was my consultant. He was a very caring and gentle man.

“It was very hard to cope with the illness. Eventually I started to get my strength back. My husband Peter and daughter Caroline have been very supportive. To anyone with symptoms, I would say listen to your body and listen to your doctor.”

Gastroenterology Consultant Dr Peter Isaacs said: “We want anyone who has a sensation of food sticking in the gullet to see their doctor immediately. Oesophageal and gastric cancers are easier to treat if diagnosed early.

“See your GP about symptoms. A brief camera exam of one to two minutes is usually all that’s necessary to make a diagnosis or an all clear.”

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