New clinic to benefit asthmatics

Dr Aashish Vyas at Royal Preston Hospital, Preston
Dr Aashish Vyas at Royal Preston Hospital, Preston

New developments in the Airways Asthma Clinic are set to benefit patients from Lancashire with new treatment and training options.

The Lancashire teaching Hospital’s NHS Foundation Trust clinic has a dedicated speech and language therapy, asthma nurse specialist, psychology and physiotherapy input.

It aims to deliver comprehensive assessment and treatment for severe asthma sufferers and patients with undiagnosed cough and breathlessness.

The new service is the first of its kind and one of only two of its kind in the UK.

Dr Aashish Vyas (pictured), Consultant Chest Physician and the service development lead at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said: “As a result of the investment in this new service, we will see severe asthma and complex breathlessness sufferers earlier and assess their specialist needs.

“This will not only vastly improve the patients experience but will also reduce hospital admissions from severe attacks and will reduce the number of patients admitted to the Trust for emergency treatment.”

As part of the groundbreaking development four new staff will be taken on including a nurse, specialist speech and language therapist, clinical psychologist and respiratory physiotherapist.

The new service has even helped a local athlete and asthma sufferer significantly improve her performance with a goal to qualifying for the Great Britain team in January.

Eighteen-year-old Hannah Lupton is an up and coming heptathlete and the new clinic has helped her reduce her time in the seven event contest.

She said: “The new clinic has helped a lot with my training and has significantly reduced my times.

“I’m now hoping to qualify for a competition in early January.”

New training will also be offered by the specialist team to healthcare professionals from around the country in how to provide the latest treatment techniques for patients with severe asthma and complex breathlessness.

Dr Vyas added: “The demand for our new wide-ranging service is already very high and on a national scale.

“We are proud to able to offer our patients such a comprehensive service and will continue to look to meet their diverse set of needs.”

More than five million people are currently receiving treatment for asthma in the UK.

That is one in every 12 adults and one in every 11 children.