Kidney transplant saves Marc’s life

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For Marc Ingham life is just beginning, the 25-year-old has undergone a lifesaving kidney transplant and now his whole life has changed.

Marc, of Dryden Road, Fleetwood, had the operation at Manchester Royal Infirmary on December 15 and just over a month later, the kidneys are functioning well his health is improving.

He said: “I feel a million times better, I was always limited to how much I could drink and the kind of food I was able to eat. Now I can have what I like.”

Before the transplant, Marc was undergoing gruelling dialysis three times a week. He couldn’t do anything, particularly after the dialysis because it made him so tired and feeling sick.

Marc has lived with failing kidneys all his life.

He was born with blocked tubes to his kidneys which caused the damage.

Doctors said he would need a transplant by the time he was 18-months-old.

But Marc continued until he was 21-years-old before he was finally put on a donor list and began kidney dialysis. At that stage his kidneys were functioning at just 10 per cent.

His sister Rachel, who lives in New Zealand, had hoped to be a donor but after tests she was unable to go ahead with it.

And just as Marc’s brother Warren, was about to undergo tests to see if he was a suitable donor, the call came to say that a compatible donor had been found.

“I was nervous when I got the call, but I knew it was my chance.”

The donor was a 42 year old man who died in an accident.

Said Marc: “I’m so thankful, he has changed my life.

“I’ve written a letter to his family which will be passed on through the hospital.

“I can feel myself getting better all the time, I just want a normal life and to go out and get a job, hopefully to train as a paramedic.