Fleetwood youngster undergoes life-changing operation

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Brave Chloe New has had her life-changing operation – which it is hoped will enable her to walk unaided – in America.

And her family say they are astonished at the speed she is recovering from the ordeal.

Chloe,who has cerebral palsy, flew to Missouri to be operated on by the best surgeons in the world in their field.

The NHS refused to fund the procedure so the family fund-raised and eventually achieved the £60,000 needed for the operation and care afterwards.

Mum Angela said: “Chloe had the operation on Friday and it went really well, Dr Park assured us everything had gone well before we were allowed in to see her.

“ She looked in pain for the first few hours but after that she seemed back to normal. Saturday and Sunday she continued to receive pain medication through an epidural and she coped really well and all the doctors were pleased with her progress.

“On Monday they removed the epidural and she is now just on oral pain relief. Physiotherapy also started. Most children find the pain too much and don’t always tolerate sitting up.

“Chloe on the other hand not only managed to sit up she also managed to sit in her wheelchair for 30 minutes, she was in pain after 15 but wouldn’t give in.

“Then in the afternoon we went to a therapy room and did a full hour of physio. I couldn’t believe what a difference in her range of movement there was.

“Prior to the operation she couldn’t move her ankles independently or move one leg without the other leg moving too.

“Yet in therapy I was watching as she did both.

“I also got to feel her legs for the first time and it was amazing. Her legs weren’t tight any more and it was easy to move them around.

“She will continue to have physio every day now and we should see improvements every day, I can’t wait.”