Fleetwood optician aiming to combat lens phobia

A Fleetwood opticians aims to dispel fears over contact lenses.
A Fleetwood opticians aims to dispel fears over contact lenses.

A Fleetwood optician branch is hosting a special event to dispel the myths surrounding the perceived discomfort and danger of contact lenses.

Scrivens Opticians & Hearing Care on Lord Street is running the contact lens event this week, up to and including Friday, when customers have the chance to touch and feel the lenses, have any concerns addressed by a team of experts and participate in a free trial and fitting assessment.

Branch manager Joanne Hearn said: “The number one fear that we come across is people’s aversion to putting something in their eye.

“We hope that we can help address any concerns and demonstrate there is nothing to fear.

“Thanks to new designs and materials contact lenses are now more comfortable than ever before, providing exceptional vision for those who require correction, even those people with a multi-focal perspective.

“Summer is the perfect time to give contacts a go, whether to aid the playing of sports, or even just to try out a different look with some fashionable sunglasses.

“We’re hoping to debunk the myths surrounding contacts once and for all, so that our customers have genuine choice and don’t have to compromise.”

Although early ideas about contact lens-type appliances were discussed as early as the 17th century, German glassblower, FE Muller, produced the first eye covering to be seen through and tolerated in 1887.

The following year another German, ophthalmologist Adolf Gaston Eugen Fick, constructed and fitted the first successful contact lens.

By 2004, according to a global survey, an estimated 125 million people worldwide were using contact lenses.

Scrivens Opticians & Hearing Care was established 76 years ago and has 170 stores across England and Wales, with 1,000 employees.