Family want answers after doctor carried out the ‘unnecessary’ procedure

An agency doctor carried out an ‘unnecessary’ procedure on a sick pensioner because he was unable to consult a more senior doctor, an inquest heard.

Dr Adil Razoq was criticised for giving Fleetwood grandmother Doreen Buckley an emergency chest drain nine days before her death.

The medic, who no longer works on the Fylde coast, had misread an x-ray and believed she had a collapsed lung.

A hospital investigation found the x-ray was not reviewed by a more senior doctor at the time it was carreid out, prior to Dr Razoq taking over the night shift, when Mrs Buckley’s condition deteriorated.

Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust stressed the care and treatment Dr Razoq gave Mrs Buckley did not cause her death.

But daughter Elaine Thomas today said: “My mum’s words were, ‘Don’t let this happen to anybody else. Don’t let it go.”

Mrs Buckley, a retired social worker who had chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and lived in Borrowdale Avenue, was admitted to hospital last January after suffering from a shortness of breath and later developed chest pains.

She was given a chest x-ray, which showed a ‘possible pneumothorax’ – a collection of trapped air that causes a collapsed lung – and a plan was put in place to wait for an ultrasound scan to be carried out. She was transferred to the Acute Medical Unit and, in the early hours of January 7, ‘became acutely unwell with increasing shortness of breath’, an internal investigation found.

When Dr Razoq, who now lives in the South of England, examined her and reviewed the x-ray, he ‘misinterpreted the findings’, the Serious Untoward Incident (SUI) report said, leading to ‘an unnecessary insertion of a chest drain’.

Dr Razoq was suspended while the hospital launched its probe.

He was unable to consult a senior doctor at that time of night and the SUI found the doctor who ordered the x-ray should have had it reviewed sooner.

The report lists ‘lack of consultant doctors onsite after 6pm’ among the factors that contributed to the incident.

Following her mother’s death at Trinity Hospice on January 16, which was caused by the COPD and not the chest drain, A Blackpool Victoria hospital spokesman said: “Dr Adil Razoq was employed by an agency and worked as a locum doctor within the trust for one month.

“The care and treatment Dr Razoq afforded Mrs Buckley was not causative of her death and this was specifically alluded to by HM Deputy Coroner on the record of Inquest

“Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks are carried out by the employing agency in line with trust and NHS requirements.

“We sincerely apologise for not sending a follow-up letter to the patient’s family after a feedback meeting between them and members of the trust.

“The action points raised by the family have all been addressed and this will be communicated formally to the family.”