Cult new product Beautigull is launching at The Beauty Outlet

Experts at Freeport Fleetwood’s discount beauty store Beauty Outlet have created a revolutionary new product to purify the skin.

The recipe includes one powerful and surprising key ingredient -Fylde coast seagull guano.

The new BeautiGull product

The new BeautiGull product

Set to launch this week, the Beautigull mask has cult beauty status written all over it. The seabird excrement is collected daily, before being processed and combined with more traditional active moisturising ingredients to form a deep cleansing mask. To ensure freshness, Beauty Outlet employees go out to the marina every morning to collect the moistest guano possible. Rich in sea minerals and anti-oxidants the special formula is said to re-texturise skin and is comparable to many high-end £500+ skincare products.

The Beauty Outlet came up with the unusual formula by chance after seagull droppings fell on one of their employees on her way into work. She’d been suffering with mild eczema for the last couple of months and noticed when she washed the seagull excrement off her skin was dramatically less inflamed and angry. After testing the new hero substance at a local lab, they found it was unusually high in raw earth salts and regenerative anti-ageing properties.

John Magee, Manager at the centre said: “At first we were unsure about the commercial feasibility of the product but feel the results speak for themselves. We’re so excited to launch the new product at The Beauty Outlet; everyone in the centre has been trialling it and is raving about it. There’s even talk of extending the line if it sells as well as we’re anticipating.”

The centre are asking those lucky enough to get their hands on the miracle mask to post photos of their Beautigull selfies on social media using the #BEAUTIGULL hashtag.