Health chiefs support plan to ban car smoking

Julie Trezise, Quit Squad manager
Julie Trezise, Quit Squad manager

Health chiefs in Lancashire are supporting actions by Parliament that will make it against the law to smoke in a car carrying anyone 
under the age of 18.

In a move to protect children from passive smoking, parliament has passed legislation that bans anyone from smoking with children in the car.

Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust’s stop smoking service, the Quit Squad, is today reminding people across the county that it is on hand to offer support and advice for 
anyone who is thinking about stopping smoking.

Julie Trezise (pictured), Quit Squad manager, said: “We welcome this move from the Government as our own Trust has recently become completely smoke-free on all sites to help reduce the harmful effects of passive smoking and hopefully this new law may encourage parents and others to take that first step and decide to stop smoking altogether.”