Happy ending for nursery

Squirrel Nutkins Nursery, Clarence Avenue, Cleveleys. Manager Katrina Regan.
Squirrel Nutkins Nursery, Clarence Avenue, Cleveleys. Manager Katrina Regan.

A nursery which was forced to close suddenly is set to reopen under new management.

Parents were left shocked back in June when they found a note on the door to Daisy Chain Nursery, Cleveleys, explaining it had “closed down” due to “unforeseen circumstances”.

Now the nursery is having more than £30,000 invested in it ready to reopen as Squirrel Nutkins Nursery, part of the Nutkins Nursery chain.

And parents who had a child at the nursery under Daisy Chain’s management are being offered their first month free as recompense for the difficulties endured when it closed down.

Nursery owner Charlotte Bonney has bought the property on Clarence Avenue, Cleveleys.

She said: “Nutkins is full so we just thought because it’s so local we’ll run both, but as separate nurseries.

“It will be called Squirrel Nutkins Nursery. The Nutkins Nursery has a got such a good reputation so we wanted to stay with the name.”

Nutkins Nursery, on nearby Nutter Avenue, has been rated outstanding or good in all areas by Ofsted inspectors.

Mrs Bonney added: “It will be really nice having the two nurseries. I hope it is going to be a happy ending for that nursery.”

Mrs Bonney had worked with staff from the Daisy Chain nursery to offer them training in months before it had closed.

Mrs Bonney said: “They had managers who really did do their best.”

The premises have been revamped over summer, with tens of thousands of pounds being spent on the downstairs rooms, new bathrooms, a new play area and new signage.

No new staff have been taken on as yet but owners anticipate opening up posts as places at the nursery, which can accommodate 40 children aged from birth to five-years-old, fill up.

Mrs Bonney added: “It could create up to 18 jobs.”

Steve Barratt, who owned Daisy Chain Nursery, told The Gazette in June his nursery had been forced to close due to a staff shortage.

He said: “The manager was asked to leave her post immediately on Friday afternoon, and took it on herself to ring Ofsted to tell them this, and staff would not be in ratio.

“The manager did not contact any bank staff for cover. So Ofsted would not allow the nursery to open.”

​It left dozens of families without child care.

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