Hall plans on course

An artist's impression of the Marine Hall after the work
An artist's impression of the Marine Hall after the work

THE ambitious £1.6m transformation of Fleetwood seafront and the Marine Gardens is pressing ahead as planned, despite some concerns raised about things “going quiet”.

Local umbrella group the Fleetwood Development Partnership felt that local organisations were not being kept in the loop about progress.

But Wyre Council says work on the Sea Change scheme is pressing ahead, and that the exciting features promised will be included in the final scheme, to be fully completed next year.

And the council has been in touch with the Partnership this week to inform the group, which includes organisations such as Fleetwood Civic Society and the Fleetwood Action Group, of progress.

Partnership press officer Bob Boal told the Weekly News: “Things did seem to go quiet.

“Work started in the Marine Gardens with a big launch in June, but anyone visiting the site now would have little indication of what was happening there. Perhaps there needs to be some signs up there, or displays in the Marine Hall itself.

“However, this week both Wyre Council and contractors BCA Landscapes have been in touch. We welcome these investments for Fleetwood sea front.”

Wyre says work to transform the Rossall Observation Tower into a modern landmark and attraction is still going ahead.

Although concerns were raised by Wyre about escallating costs of the pre-cast concrete, the striking leaning tower designs are being retained, with costs reduced by using a traditional, less expensive, steel frame; completion is expected early next year

Other exciting features to come include: the amphitheatre performance area for shows and events; art works along the promenade from Fleetwood to Cleveleys; new flower beds and landscaping restoring the gardens back to its glory days of the 1930s.

To continue the legacy of Cleveleys promenade, Wyre’s mythical past is being brought to life in a locally inspired storybook – The Sea Swallow, drawing on the history and folklore of the area and launched in schools.

For more information on Sea Change visit www.wyreseachange.co.uk.

Coun Barry Birch, Cabinet member for regeneration at Wyre, said: “Things are moving forward well.

“There are exciting times ahead for Wyre’s coastline, we just need people to be patient for a little while longer.”