Halite alter parts of their gas scheme

Halite chairman, John Roberts (right) and chief executive, Keith Budinger.
Halite chairman, John Roberts (right) and chief executive, Keith Budinger.

THE company behind controversial plans to build an underground gas storage facility across the river from Fleetwood has made several changes to the project following local feedback.

Halite revealed the changes to its plans to store gas in new salt caverns after publishing the results of its consultation documents.

It follows six exhibitions showcasing the plans which have been carried out across Wyre since May.

The council’s planning committee – which has rejected similar plans, originally submitted by Canatxx, three times – were the first to see the report at a meeting last Wednesday.

Now the papers have been made available to the public online.

Changes to the project include; the relocation of a wellhead which was deemed too close to a property, the redesign of the Seawater Pump Station and Gas Metering Station, further seismic assessment and a secondary emergency escape route from the site.

But residents say the document is simply a “PR exercise”.

Ian Mulroy, of the Protect Wyre Group, said: “Our initial impression is that this report contains nothing of any consequence and is just PR spin.

“If Halite were really listening to the public, they would pack up and go.

“We will be much more interested in the report on the blow out of brine at well 45.”

The controversial scheme, which was turned down most recently in January last year, suffered a setback when well head 45, operated by Halite, burst open spilling brine across a farmer’s field.

Police are investigating claims the well head had been sabotaged prior to the incident, which occurred in June.

Halite will now submit its findings to the Infrastructure Planning Commission, a new Government body looking at planning applications of national significance.

Halite chief executive, Keith Budinger, said: “A crucial part of our preparation for the application to the IPC is a thorough and effective consultation with the community and other stakeholders.

“The Feedback Report has been prepared so we can demonstrate to those who shared their views and opinions with us during our consultation, that we are listening and the concerns shared with us have influenced and shaped our project proposals.”