Gran’s fear after explosion

Jack Marham, 15, of Fleetwood, with the cooker whose front glass panel exploded.
Jack Marham, 15, of Fleetwood, with the cooker whose front glass panel exploded.

A grandmother today told how she believes sheer luck prevented her grandson from being seriously injured after her new cooker blew up.

Carol Jordan, 49, of Highbury Avenue, Fleetwood, says she had been baking cakes when the appliance unexpectedly exploded “like a bomb”, sending glass fragments from the outer door across her kitchen.

The mum-of-two, who has five grandchildren, says she is concerned other models of the electric cooker may be prone to a similar problem and believes they should now be removed until safety checks are carried out.

She said her grandson had been standing right in front of the appliance just one minute before the incident – and fears he could have been blinded by the flying shards of glass.

B&Q insists customer safety is paramount and the incident appears to be isolated with no other problems reported with that model of cooker.

Mrs Jordan, who was in the room when it exploded but was near the back door and unhurt, bought the single oven Indesit cooker (FIM31 KAIX GB) from the Blackpool branch of B&Q last month and is unhappy the model is still on sale there.

She said: “B&Q were good enough to replace the cooker with another appliance of a different type, which was fair enough.

“But I asked them if they could take the remaining ones, similar to the one which blew up, off the shelves until safety checks were made.

“I have also asked for Indesit, both directly and through B&Q, to take my cooker away to examine it properly.

“So far no one has called. I would hate to think that someone else had the same experience, except with more serious consequences. When it went off, it exploded like a bomb. It missed my 15-year-old grandson by about a minute. It was terrifying.”

Grandson Jack Marham added: “I had been looking at the cakes and had just left the kitchen when I heard a loud bang. I was scared at what I would find because nan was still in there. It was a shock.”

A B&Q spokesman said: “Customer safety is always the highest priority. We take the greatest care in ensuring the products we sell conform to the highest quality standards and are safe for their intended use. We believe the issue with Ms Jordan’s cooker is an isolated incident as we are not aware of any further issues with this particular model. We will however, be investigating her case further.”

A spokesman for Indesit did not wish to comment until the cooker had been thoroughly examined.

He said the appliance would be collected.