Get set for a triple celebration in town

One of the gala queens in the procession at last year's Fleetwood carnival.
One of the gala queens in the procession at last year's Fleetwood carnival.

FLEETWOOD is gearing up for a triple celebration to put the town on the map.

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in June, the opening of the supertram service and the unveiling of the refurbished Marine Gardens are set to make it fiesta time in 2012.

Fleetwood Town Council chairman, Coun Alan Marsh, said: Coun Marsh added: “With all this going on – including Tram Sunday and the carnival – it could be a really good year for Fleetwood. “Let’s get Fleetwood on the map and get people coming in. “The more members of the public we can attract the better.

“We need to get families coming to spend some time on the beach, having a look at the Marine Gardens and going into the town. “For The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, as the town council, we need to be taking the lead and speak to other organisations about whether we want to do something over the three days of the celebration or do something smaller.”

Margaret Lund of Fleetwood Rotary Club said the celebrations were just the sort of thing Rotarians would be happy to get involved with. She said: “There are various things that could happen. “There could be a big lunch on the Sunday – picnics in the Marine Gardens and fireworks at night. “If the town council and Wyre could link up the town could really get some mileage out of it and we would be happy to get involved. Wyre Council is expected to open the Marine Gardens as part of a wider celebration of the Sea Change improvements which have taken place on the seafront.