Gardening competition for estate launched

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Fleetwood’s West View estate is gearing up for a splash of colour with summer blooms.

Organisers have launched West View in Bloom to coincide with this year’s Fleetwood in Bloom to try to encourage residents on the estate to have a go at flowering their own outdoor spaces.

It helps keep the estate looking nice

Leon O’Flaherty

Leon O’Flaherty, a member of West View Community Association and also a keen gardener himself, is hoping people will give the competition a try.

He said: “The whole 
estate is invited to take part and we are hoping people will get involved.

“We did something similar about 15 years ago and we had some fabulous entries, it really made a difference to the estate.

“People can enter baskets, tubs, boxes, whatever they can find to plant up or their whole garden.

“It helps keep the estate looking nice and we are encouraging people to take up the challenge.”

The competition will be judged on June 28 from 11am onwards.

An entry form is needed to take part and they can be picked up from West View Community Centre.