Fuel prices on rebound at filling stations

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Filling stations have begun putting prices back up after the spectacular falls of recent months.

Petrol and diesel pump prices have risen by 1.5 pence per litre in the past two weeks following a 15 per cent hike in wholesale costs.

And the AA says the scepticism which greeted the rapid reduction in prices since the start of October has proved correct.

According to the petrolprices.com website, which collates and compares prices across the country, the average petrol price within the FY1 area currently stands at 108.1p.

The lowest available fuel in the area currently stands at 105.9p.

Prices had fallen as low as 103.9p in recent weeks.

The AA said those who predicted a rebound and continued to drive cautiously were right to do so, said AA president Edmund King.

“While the focus was on the remote possibility of a £1 a litre for petrol, motorists bitten by years of severe price volatility and having a little more sense continued to drive cautiously,” he said.

“UK petrol consumption has remained lower than when it was 13p a litre more expensive.”