Forced to abandon crumbling church

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PARISHIONERS at a crumbling Fleetwood church have had to find an alternative place of worship.

The congregation at St. David’s Church have been forced to quit the church after maintenance costs became too high.

And the future of the 55-year-old building is uncertain – it could even face demolition.

A leaking roof, problems with the electrical system and other concerns have led to the congregation sharing the facilities at St. Edmund’s RC Church on Melbourne Avenue.

Soaring repair costs topping £100,000 meant that continuing in the building was beyond the pocket of the 50 to 60 people who attend services.

Vicar Canon John Hall said: “The structure is sound but we have roof problems and the electrics are in a very bad way.

“For 18 months we have had major problems and the decision to move out was made about 12 months ago.

“Now we are out we can consider the future.

“Anything is possible but we have not come to any decision yet.”

He had been unable to get a safety certificate for the electrics and so was unable to get public liability insurance.

Windows and doors at the church are in a poor state of repair and Canon Hall added that problems had come about because of poor maintenance over the years.

He added: “I don’t think it was built to stand the test of time.”

Demolition for a new church or sale to developers were among the options being considered.

He said parishioners had settled in we at St. Edmund’s.

He added: “I think people were a little apprehensive at first but eventually people lapped it up and we have been very warmly welcomed by St. Edmund’s.

“We have known we were moving for 12 months but when we took the final service then reality kicked in.

“At the same time we knew we were going and people in their hearts and minds had said farewell to the building. Now it’s