Fleetwood youngsters at Wembley

Fleetwood Town Under 10s at Wembley
Fleetwood Town Under 10s at Wembley

These Fleetwood youngsters enjoyed a trip to remember when they attended a top football match and also stepped out onto the Wembley turf.

The Fleetwood Town Juniors Under 10s were able to watch the Charity Shield match in which English champions Leicester City lost 2-1 to FA cup winner Manchester United. Having their picture taken on the famous Wembley turf was also a treat.

It was all made possible after the Fleetwood branch of McDonalds, managed by Adam Curnow, was recognised as being among the UK’s top eight branches in supporting their local junior football teams.

The branch raised funds and helped provide a kit for the Fleetwood Town Under-13 and, after that team sadly folded, the Under-10s team, who were lucky to go to Wembley.

The Under-10s’ two sides are managed by Paul Wright and Paul Randles (assistant) and Tim Brice and Phil Bowker (assistant).