Fleetwood residents give views on how to improve their estate

Nick Beddow and some of the Explorers at Fleetwood High School
Nick Beddow and some of the Explorers at Fleetwood High School

The proud residents of Fleetwood’s West View housing estate have revealed more details about how they would like to see it improved.

Families say they enjoy the community spirit, sense of friendliness and feel safe living on West View but now want to see it “brightened up.”

The Regenda Group housing association has 
announced a three-year 
investment project on the 
estate and began by asking families what they like and dislike about living there.

So far, 236 people have 
responded to questions asked by a new team of volunteers called West View Wellbeing Explorers.

Local families say they value the community spirit, a feeling of neighbourliness and friendliness. They also like their community centre.

However, they describe the town’s Eamont Park as a “disgrace” and say other green spaces need to be cleaned up.

Families also highlighted some privately-owned houses look “dingy”, local shops were “tatty” and several gardens were untidy.

Anti-social behaviour, such as youths hanging around shops, speeding cars and dog fouling, is also a 

Steve Newsham, regional director for Regenda, said: “Our aim is to work with the community and other agencies to invest in and improve West View.

“The logical starting point was to find out exactly what residents like and dislike, what they want to see 
improved and how we can start to make a difference.”

The Explorers spent May and June asking local people for their views and the results were made public at a feedback event held at Fleetwood High School.

Partners in the scheme 
include community engagement specialists Our Life and Wyre Council.

Nick Beddow, from Our Life, said: “We now have a much better idea of what people living on West View feel strongly about. We can form a neighbourhood action plan which Regenda can work from, investing in projects which come directly from 
people on the estate.”

Wyre Council chief executive, Garry Payne, added: “We hope to see positive results over the next 12 to 18 months. ”