Fleetwood headteacher's anger at school-run parkers

Irresponsible school run parkers are still endangering children's lives, teachers have warned.

Tuesday, 28th March 2017, 6:00 am
Updated Saturday, 8th April 2017, 10:12 pm
Headteacher Dave McPartlin outside Flakefleet Primary school

Schools in Fleetwood are still battling to stop a minority of parents from parking illegally and dangerously in front of the school gates.

And there were plans to get tough and hit offenders with on-the-spot fines of £60 if they are caught, after receiving complaints from the public.

Headteacher Dave McPartlin outside the clear road markings

While some schools now have less of a problem, others still have an issue.

These include incidents of people illegally parking up on “no go” zig zag lines right in front of school gates, in order to drop off their children more quickly.

Another practice is “double parking”, pulling up alongside vehicles already parked at the side of the road, meaning children cannot see the road clearly and are at risk of being hit by cars.

At Flakefleet Primary School, on Northfleet Avenue, letters have been sent out to parents and staff have done out to speak a small minority about the issue.

Headteacher Dave McPartlin outside the clear road markings

One parent who is fed up with the issue is Rachel George, 33, of Hesketh Place, who said: “My two daughters go to Flakefleet and this is a big worry to me. In the morning it is ridiculous trying to get the kids across the road safely because some people are parking right in front of the gates and it is blocking visibility.

“They are breaking the law and get away with it, but it is very selfish.

Headteacher at Flakefleet, Dave McPartlin, said: “It is a real problem. We’re talking about just a small minority of parents.

“If they just parked up around the corner, there wouldn’t be an issue. They have been told about this.”

Fleetwood Police are aware of the school parking issue and said it is being taken seriously.