Fleetwood couple's detective work after car stolen

A Fleetwood couple claim they had to turn detective to track down their stolen car because they were getting nowhere with the police.

Friday, 27th December 2019, 5:00 pm
Updated Friday, 27th December 2019, 5:29 pm
Toni Robinson and Jack Wignall tracked down their car after it was stolen in Fleetwood

.And when Toni Robinson and Jack Wignall, of Fleetwood, did manage to find it and gave police the name of a prime suspect, they say the force still did not seem to respond.

The frustrated couple, who live on Flakefleet Avenue, say they feel Fleetwood Police have not acted, even though they have done the leg work and provided a strong lead for the case.

But police say they have been investigating the matter thoroughly.

The VW Golf before it was stolen

The black and orange VW Mk3 Golf was taken at around 3pm on Monday, December 9, from the rear of their house, on Southfleet Avenue.

Jack said they phoned the police at around 5pm, but by the Tuesday they were trying to trace it themselves, eventually finding it in a scrap yard in the afternoon.

Toni said: "We just felt like we had to act quickly if we were going to get the car back. We went down to scrap yards because it was an old car and thought it might be worth more to the thief as scrap.

"Unfortunately it had been crushed.

Toni Robinson and Jack Wignall tracked down their stolen car

"But we were given the name of the person who took the car into the scrap yard – and if that person isn’t the thief, they will know

who is."

The couple admit the car is old and not their main vehicle, but they planned to

renovate it.

The VW Golf before it was taken

A police spokesman said; "We were called at 5.04pm on December 9 to reports of the theft. Enquiries, including CCTV, have been made and the incident remains under investigation."