Fleetwood car plates secured to ward off thieves

PCSO Paul Parkes fixes anti-theft screws to a number plate in Fleetwood.
PCSO Paul Parkes fixes anti-theft screws to a number plate in Fleetwood.

Fleetwood police officers fitted around 70 car licence plates with special anti-theft screws during a crime prevention session at the town’s Asda store.

The officers from the Fleetwood Neighbourhood Policing Team met with concerned householders and handed out the special kits after a rise in the number plate thefts being reported.

We were pleased with the way the session went

These kits prevent opportunist thieves from simply removing the screws holding the registration plate on and stealing the plate, which is often then used in organised crime.

PCSOs Paul Parkes and Mike Joyner fitted the devices, while colleague PC Lorna Bolton, the Community Beat Manager, offered crime prevention advice to shoppers.

Also given out at the session were anti theft purse bells which raise the alarm if light-fingered thieves attempt a spot of purse-dipping.

Concerns have been raised that older women in Fleetwood are putting their purses at risk by leaving their handbags loose on top of their goods on supermarket trolleys.

PCSO Mike Joyner said: “It was good to meet with the community and discuss issues which were important to them. This was also a good opportunity for us to hand over various anti-theft devices which can be of great practical use.

“For example, the bells make it obvious when the bag or purse is moved, and also make the owner of the bag more aware to keep it safe.

“We were pleased with the way Saturday’s session went.”

Another concern raised on the day was a recent spate of bike thefts, including the theft of a distinctive silver grey sports bike with yellow wheel rims.

It was stolen from outside the One Stop shop, Chatsworth Avenue, at around 8pm on August 28.

Anyone with information can phone 101 and leave a message for PC 3068 Gray, citing crime number WD1504157.