Fields revamp to cut litter

King George's Playing field off Fleetwood Road, Fleetwood
King George's Playing field off Fleetwood Road, Fleetwood

Playing fields plagued with litter problems have been revamped in the hope of bringing an end to controversy.

Wyre Council has put 80 tonnes of stone on the internal car park, installed a number of bins and taken down fence panels to help police stop anti social behaviour at King George Playing Fields, on Fleetwood Road, Fleetwood.

Councillors have previously raised concerns about the state of the park after football games on weekends and suggested teams were contacted about the litter.

Coun Pete Murphy, street scene portfolio holder for Wyre Council, says he hopes putting more bins in the fields will stop litter from being dropped.

He said: “I hope this will bring an end to the problems.

“We are looking at putting more bins across the fields so they are near the touchlines and encourage people to throw litter away.

“I don’t want to fall out with teams because they use all it all the time and they say they pick up after themselves.

“But when I went down there one day last week I saw rubbish along the touchline.

“It doesn’t just blow there, it lands where it drops and we had to send a team there to clean up.

“There are clearly some football teams and their supporters dropping litter.

“This will encourage people who use the park as a meeting place and those who play on the fields to clear up after themselves and help us because we won’t have to go down to the park.”

Coun Lynne Bowen, cabinet member for Leisure and Culture at Wyre Council, says she is relieved bins have been installed and hopes it will make people take more care.

She added: “We’ve been looking at ways we can stop kids hanging around on there at night so we’ve taken off the top fencing panels so when police go past in their van they can see what’s going on.

“It’s come as a relief to put the bins in there and tidy it up and take a bit more responsibility and have a bit more respect at the park.”

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