Festive party for battling toddler Pippa

Pippa Cole from Garstang
Pippa Cole from Garstang

A three-year-old girl with terminal cancer and a brain tumour is to see Christmas early after a special party was organised.

Pippa Cole, from Garstang, has a brain tumour called an ependymoma Grade 3 and was given months to live in February.

Once again we received some more bad news recently that Pippa’s cancer has grown

But a family friend hopes the celebration can raise money that will give her the chance to do some of the things she has always wanted to do.

The event will see children’s entertainers, characters from Disney’s Frozen, including Queen Elsa, as well as a Santa’s grotto, party games and a disco.

It is being organised by Stephanie Benyon, a friend of Pippa’s family, who says Pippa “is a truly is an amazing little girl.”

She said: “Pippa has been fighting this disease for two and a half years now and has been creating lots of magical memories along the way and always has a smile on her face.

“Once again we received some more bad news recently that Pippa’s cancer has grown.

“She will need to undergo a further brain operation this week and she will need to have 10 radiotherapy sessions.

“This is not a cure but simply to give Pippa more time.

“We have organised this party to help raise money so Pippa can make some more memories.”

Pippa’s mum, Michelle, said: “Pippa was given months to live in February but we’re still here fighting.

“She has her good and bad days but the money people have raised has taken a huge amount of pressure off us because we don’t know what the future holds.”

The party is open to anyone and is being held Barbara Jackson’s Theatre Arts Centre in Fleetwood on Sunday, December 20 between 1pm-4pm. Christmas-themed refreshments will also be provided.