Family in dog poison attack

A family were shocked after a would-be poisoner gave their pet dog meat laced with painkillers.

Wednesday, 12th October 2016, 10:24 am
Updated Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 3:36 pm
A Fleetwood family contacted police after meat laced with paracetamol was thown into their back garden in an apparent attempt to poison their dog.

The Fleetwood family have called in the police over fears that someone is trying to poison their beagle.

Mandy and Danny Woolford, of Voyager Close on the Harbour Village estate, discovered that someone had thrown some minced meat mixed with around 20 paracetamol tablets into their back garden.

Had their three year old beagle, Missi, who spends a lot of time in the garden, eaten it she would almost certainly have died an agonising death,

Chloe Richardson with dog Missi who survived a posion attempt

And the pair, who have three children, say it is the second time within the last fortnight that this has happened.

Mrs Woolford, 39, who runs the Skools Out Skools Inn Pre School in Fleetwood with her husband, said: “I am absolutely disgusted and furious about it.

“I cannot imagine how my kids would have reacted if they had of come home and found her dead.”

Mr Woolford, 30, said: “We had the first one about two weeks ago but I didn’t take a proper look - I thought it was just play dough and I threw it in the bin.

Chloe Richardson with dog Missi who survived a posion attempt

“But this second time I looked at it properly and I couldn’t believe it.

“If Missi had eaten it she would have been in agony and then she’d have died.

“I think the only thing that saved her was the fact that she is very fussy with her food.

“I got onto the police straight away and they gave me a crime long number and told me a specific officer dealing with animal crimes would look into it.

“They also told me to put it on Facebook and warn other dog owners - and they also advised me to contact the RSPCA.”

Mr Woolford said there was a possibility they were being targeted personally but he also believed there was a danger it could be more random.

He said: “We have told the police everything we think may be relevant but we are not certain about who may have done it.

“It has been very upsetting, if anything happened to Missi the whole family would be devastated.”

The couple’s children - Chloe, 17, Olivia, 15 and Callum, aged nine, are aware of what happened.

A spokesman for Fleetwood Police confirmed they had been contacted by the family and said: “We are liaising with the RSPCA and the council over this issue.”