Excitement at prospect of new £16.25m coaster

Pleasure Beach bosses this week announced a new £16.25m rollercoaster would open in the amusement park in 2018.

Monday, 3rd October 2016, 8:20 am
Updated Wednesday, 5th October 2016, 2:22 pm
An artist's impression of the new coaster set for Blackpool

Built by respected German outfit Mack Rides, Construction 2018, as it has been dubbed, will be the first UK ride to feature a double launch – two powerful thrusts of acceleration during the ride.

Riders will experience the same levels of G-force felt by the driver of a Formula 1 car.

Pleasure Beach bosses this week announced a new £16.25m rollercoaster would open in the amusement park in 2018.

Pleasure Beach boss Amanda Thompson teased the announcement on twitter, sending coaster fans around the world into meltdown.

A video of a virtual ride on the new coaster has now reached almost one million people on the Gazette’s Facebook page.

Here’s what our readers had to say:

Looks fabulous. An ancient institution of the town reinvesting in it’s future.

Pleasure Beach bosses this week announced a new £16.25m rollercoaster would open in the amusement park in 2018.


£79 for a single local’s season pass, great value that any locals with kids should take advantage of this Christmas. We go regularly and bar lunch money , it is a really fun and cheap day out. Plus you dodge the initial ticket queue with your pass!


Innovate to accumulate. Great news. The pleasure Beach is an employment asset to the town and this news will assist in protecting all existing jobs and bring some new ones to the park. We have all knocked PB down the years but the cold hard truth is its success is key to the town’s fortunes. Wetherspoon must have had advance notice of this news with the £4m investment in the Velvet Coaster last year.


Another reason to visit blackpool

Mark Elsdon

If it’s by the Macks, it will be fantastic.

Simon Davies

It’s getting overhyped like a drama alert video

Joe Tregoiing

Eat your heart out Disneyland

Brian Newman

OK, mixed reviews I see so far. I think it is amazing and a step in the right direction for the park which is a huge investment.

OK, it’s not Helix or Bluefire-style layout and they could have added more inversions etc, but it’s a great layout for the first double launch Mack coaster for the UK market. Can’t wait to ride it in 2018!

Stu Gutteridge

It’s funny how all the people who understand anything about coasters are flipping out with excitement, everyone that doesn’t understand them says it needs more hoops and dips. This will flat out be the best coaster in the UK, and is the first time we’ve had a world class attraction since 1994. Thank you Pleasure Beach, for giving us this £16m gift.

Benjamin T Fry

Well if you can spend that on a rollercoaster how about doing something to sea front where all the shops have disappeared. A rollercoaster will not pull holiday makers in to come and stay. All that Blackpool has now is The Blackpool Tower, The Pleasure Beach and the best thing ever is the Blackpool Illuminations. Make Blackpool a place people want to holiday again. I do love Blackpool but more could be done to get people holidaying there again.

Yvonne Amanda Giles

People who are saying that the Big One is better clearly don’t know anything about coasters. You don’t hear anything about arrow dynamics... oh wait, they went into liquidation.

Lewis Bafc Vincent

Great, a new coaster. It does seem a little sedate. I just hope the height restrictions allow for it to be more of a family ride. It reminds me a little of 13 at Alton Towers. I really don’t foresee there being major traffic headaches with this on a virtually-deserted part of the Prom.

Alistair Waling

It just seems long, not particularly fast and no big dips or loops.

I’m quite disappointed. Something like the Rip it Rockit or the Hulk ride in Universal would have been much more exciting.

Nathan Fuller

Looks okay and I probably would have had a go on it, but sadly we don’t frequent BPB anymore due to the extortionate prices charged. Can’t just wander around the rides any more and just watch the youngsters, which is quite fun when you get to a certain age

Angela Beattie

I don’t go on coasters, but even I know there’s something wrong here: where’s the loop-de-loop? There’s a vertical climb, a corkscrew, some heavy banking- sure, but why no loop-de-loop?

Jake Kirk

This looks ace, can’t wait to have a go – well done Pleasure Beach it looks a great ride – and always good to get new things. Good luck with the install.

Jo Rodger

Biggest problem I think is the fact that you have to pay now to go in the Pleasure Beach even if you don’t want to go on a ride, Blackpool has gone downhill from what it used to be when I was really young.

Ben Sas

It’s about time there was a new major attraction. I remember going on the Big One way back in 1993 when it first opened.

Great for its time, but time for something new.... come on Blackpool, make the Pleasure Beach great again!

Keir Merrick Ferguson

Two adults and one child is £70. So £30 for an unlimited pass for an adult and a tenner for a child. Good value in my opinion to ride rollercoasters for the whole day.

Andy Moore

For a family park it may be nice to have a tamer coaster. One ALL the family can ride.

BPB has the right mix and balance of rides and that is what makes it so effective ! I went to Alton Towers on a school trip, TOTALLY disappointed. Very spread out and no balance of rides. It was either the high energy thrills rides or CBeebies land! So I’m not going to knock this till I try it out .

Gisela Szlatozlavek

Don’t knock it guys till you try it! I’ve been on some rides That looked awesome and was very disappointed!

Go BPB! Iam sure it will only be positive for jobs, tourism and become a money-maker for the place I have lived all my life!

JoJo Swift