Wyre improvement scheme lauched

The River Wyre Estuary
The River Wyre Estuary

Plans have been put in motion to improve the River Wyre’s water quality.

The views of farmers, fishermen and residents living next to the river flowing through the heart of Wyre are needed to help improve it.

As part of European Union law, a Water Framework 
Directive is being put together by Wyre Waters.

They are hosting a number of workshops over the coming weeks to collect ideas about how to add to or change parts of the 28-mile river.

They will be put in place by 2027.

Tom Myerscough, science project officer from Wyre 
Waters Catchment 
Partnership, said: “People can suggest what they want doing, but obviously there are a number of pressures on the river that have an effect on the water and stop things from moving up and down.

“The aim is to get the river to a good ecological status by 2027, which every river has to have under European Law.”

Mr Myerscough has a number of changes in mind, but will wait on residents 
before forming a plan.

He added: “We can plant trees or fence access off to prevent bacteria entering the river.

“In terms of fish, we can add gravel to rivers to make it more spawning friendly for salmon and sea trout.

“This will help the fishing clubs that are there because there’s more money going into their coffers.”

Coun Tom Balmain, a Wyre councillor for Garstang, added: “Any scheme which improves the layout of facilities on the River Wyre has to be welcomed with open arms.”