Trees removed as part of renovation

Fleetwood Memorial Park
Fleetwood Memorial Park

Renovation work at Fleetwood Memorial Park is well under way.

The final masterplan which shows the finer detail of the work planned has been given the seal of approval by the Fleetwood Memorial Park researcher Michelle Hargreaves.

Down to the style of railings, the type of wood to be used for planters and the kind of ambient lighting to enhance the park’s features, the masterplan details it all.

New features include the demonstration garden and a parkour area for the kids.

Michelle said: “The plans are innovational.

“The original vision for the demonstration garden was so people could engage with the natural world.

“I think it’s brilliant and it is up to us to make it work and to look after it.

“The idea is to get disadvantaged and isolated people to be involved, to bring them together at a place where they can meet and learn new skills.”

A Parkour area - which was part of a wish list from the town’s young people - will feature equipment that can be used for the sport.

That is still at its infancy in terms of design.

The main park gates at Warrenhurst Road which will lead to Remembrance Avenue, are to get a facelift too.

“The original gates will be overhauled and the arch frame will be repaired and painted in more neutral tones to make it more inviting.

“The tree felling was one of my main concerns, that is now complete.

“I know the person in charge of the tree work and I trust his judgement.

“The trees that have been removed were diseased or had taken root on their own.

“Some difficult decisions have had to be made including removing the blossom trees on Welbeck Avenye to make room for a new disabled entrance, which is much needed.

“I was sad to see that happen but compromises have had to be made.

“Around 100 trees have been removed but they are replacing and planting with 160 more.”

The tree work phase is more or less completed.

The next phase will see preparation work to give the pond area a major facelift.

The renovations of the town’s park are part of a £2.4m project courtesy of Heritage Lottery Funding.