Rolling out end to black sack mess

BIN THE BAG: Bruno Settimo and other residents in Bold Street, Fleetwood, will be glad to see the back of back sacks.
BIN THE BAG: Bruno Settimo and other residents in Bold Street, Fleetwood, will be glad to see the back of back sacks.

A NEW wheelie bin system will be rolled out across Fleetwood after plans for a new council initiative were revealed.

Black wheelie bins, as well as large communal containers, will be issued to a number of houses in the area to replace the plastic bag scheme – beginning on June 1.

The existing system had resulted in residents expressing their disapproval of the plastic bags and 94 per cent of residents voted in favour of changing refuse collections.

However, four per cent of properties – mostly flats - will remain with the existing black sack system.

Coun Peter Murphy, Wyre Council’s street scene portfolio holder, said: “We have been looking for a solution for a while and hopefully now we have got one.

“Twelve months ago when we were looking at this, an hour after the black bags had been collected there was litter strewn across the area with seagulls ripping bags open.

“It was nobody’s fault but now with wheelie bins we have the capacity to stop the mess.

“If something looks clean you will make an effort to keep it that way.”

Collections in Fleetwood’s residential areas with limited access for vehicles will be made by a specially adapted narrow-bodied refuse collection lorry after it was tried out in the area.

The success of the trial means 63 per cent of properties could use a containerised system for their non-recyclable waste while others would be more suited to a wheelie bin, which residents could take to a central collection point – no more than 25 yards away from their home.

Coun Mark Hamer, from Warren ward, supports the new system and said: “As someone who uses black sacks I know the problems inside out.

“The reduction in black sacks for collection has to be welcomed.”

Pat Driver is part of Bold Street Area Residents Group, which used its own money to purchase bins when the black bags were frequently being ripped open by cats and seagulls and causing unwanted mess.

Mrs Driver supports of the new initiative and says she will be trading in her bin for one of the new wheelie bins.

She said: “It’s a good idea. It will make the streets look a lot cleaner because the bags were continuously being torn open.

“Most local residents are in favour of them. We’ve been asking for this for the last four to five years.”