Public gas storage meeting this week

Overview of Fleetwood
Overview of Fleetwood

A public meeting is being staged in Fleetwood this week to discuss gas storage plans under the River Wyre.

The session, to be held at St Nicholas Church on Friday from 7.30pm onwards, has been organised by the No Gas Storage Group, which is based in the Over Wyre area.

Energy firm Halite Energy is planning to store 900 million cubic metres of gas in salt caverns under River Wyre.

Construction work is due to start after the New Year.

Claire Rimmer-Quaid (pictured), one of the organisers, said: “This is just as much an issue for Fleetwood as it is for Over Wyre.”

Issues of concern include the effect that brine pumped out of the salt seams and into the sea could affect marine life, as well as safety fears over gas migration.

Opponents say the outfall pipe will not be long enough to disperse the brine.

But Halite insists the scheme is safe and will be monitored.