‘Please stop our noise nightmare’

Edwina Nylan, Michelle Moliner and Pauline Stockell are just some of the Fleetwood residents who are struggling to sleep due to an unidentified noise at night
Edwina Nylan, Michelle Moliner and Pauline Stockell are just some of the Fleetwood residents who are struggling to sleep due to an unidentified noise at night

Residents living in and around a Fleetwood housing estate are up in arms about a nuisance noise which they say is ruining their sleep and blighting their lives.

Eight of those affected staged a meeting at the West View Community Centre where they met up with a member of Wyre Council’s environmental health team to put their case. The noise is described as being similar to that of a ‘tumble dryer running on empty’ which rumbles on at a low register, sometimes during both the night and day.

But although the noise is not at all loud and some even struggle to hear it, residents who hear it say the sound is accompanied by a faint shuddering effect and they are desperate for a solution.

It is thought the sound might be coming from a waste pumping station on Chatsworth Avenue, and that the noise may be somehow finding an outlet through drains which means some people are more likely to hear it than others.

But no one is fully sure of the cause and they want answers. Michelle Moliner, 60, of Thirlmere Avenue, helped organise the meeting. She said: “I have been hearing it since last summer and I just hoped it would eventually go.

“But it is just going on and on and it is driving me mad.

“All I want is a normal night’s sleep but I can’t go a week without hearing it.

“It gets so bad that I even think about paying for a room in a cheap hotel so I can just get some rest.

“I then discovered that other people are having the same problem and that is why we held the meeting.”

She added: “I would describe it as being like a tumble dryer running on empty. It’s like slow torture.”

A member of Wyre’s environmental health attended the meeting and advised the residents to keep a 22-day journal to record the times and duration of the noise and describe the exact sound.

Another of those affected, Pauline Stockell, 63 of Garland Grove, has been plagued by the noise for the last four years and has even had to sleep at her daughter’s home for a break from it.

She said: “I have been at my wit’s end.

“The only good thing to come out of it is that I’ve found other people having the same problems and we are now working together to try and get something done.”

A number of Fleetwood councillors have also looked into the issue to try and help, but the exact cause has proved hard to pinpoint.

A spokeswoman for United Utilities, which oversees the waste pumping station on Chatsworth Avenue, said: “We are investigating the comments from residents.”

A Wyre Council spokesman said: “Wyre Council will investigate all allegations of noise nuisance which involves assessing the level of noise, the frequency that the noise occurs and the duration that noise continues for.

“The complainant will form an important element of any investigation and will be required to complete diary sheets.

“Their evidence will form an important part of the investigation and this evidence will be corroborated with officer visits and the use of noise measuring equipment.

“Therefore all individuals who have been affected by this alleged noise are encouraged to contact Wyre Council and raise their complaint.

“The noise in this case has been investigated in the past but the evidence collected during the original investigation could not justify further legal action by the council at that time.”