Fly-tippers dump an entire garage

A garage which was dumped by fly-tippers in Oxford Way.
A garage which was dumped by fly-tippers in Oxford Way.
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This was the astonishing scene after fly-tippers dumped an entire garage in a Fleetwood street.

The nuisance dumpers disturbed neighbours in Devon Avenue at 3am on Sunday when they tipped the structure behind garden fences, blocking access to homes in the process, before fleeing the area leaving behind a trail of debris.

It is thought to be the single biggest instance of fly-tipping in the port so far.

Chris McLoughlin heard the rumble as the building was dumped and at first thought it was a bike crash.

Chris, 25, said: “I was still up watching TV and I heard a big crash.

“I thought it was either scaffolding falling down from a nearby house or someone who had crashed a scooter or bike in the alley.

“I could see smoke rising in the light from the street lamp. I went outside but I didn’t look over the fence, it all went quiet, there was no smell of fire and I couldn’t hear anything so I went back in.

“The next day though, we realised what had happened and that an asbestos garage had been dumped behind the gates - we couldn’t get the car out because it was in the way.

“This is actually a road with a house on it. It looks like an alleyway but its actually a street with a street name and its own postcode.

“Fly-tipping happens but never before to this extent, it’s shocking.”

Chris called the police and the council and the garage was quickly moved to allow access until being disposed of on Monday morning.

Chris, who works as a film maker in media production added: “There have been quite a few incidents of fly-tipping, sofas that kind of thing but nothing like this.

“It’s pretty unacceptable and disgusting behaviour.”

Coun Ruth Duffy said: “We do fortnightly checks for fly-tipping ourselves and we have never had a problem in this particular area before.

“I just hope someone saw them. They use Fleetwood as a dumping ground because of the network of alleyways where they can drive in one end and out the other.

“But it’s unusual to see something on this scale.

“There was an incident last year at the back of Wyre Street when someone dumped rubbish and blocked the alley.

“The people that do this kind of fly-tipping are professionals and nothing will deter them.

“They are making good money from people abiding by the rules and having their rubbish cleared, only for the ones who take it, and their money, to go and dump it.

“I think it might help if the council reviewed the prices for rubbish removal.

“A lot of people haven’t got much money and if the prices were lower, they might take it up more.”

A Wyre Council spokeswoman said: “We always aim to respond quickly to fly-tipping, as in this case but unfortunately we didn’t find any evidence to help identity the offenders.

“We rely on information from members of the public to tackle fly tipping and will look to prosecute anyone found to be responsible.

“Members of the public can report fly tipping quickly and easily online at”