Fleetwood sands shifted for lifeboat

Diggers on Fleetwood beach shifting sand to be placed on Fleetwood beach.
Diggers on Fleetwood beach shifting sand to be placed on Fleetwood beach.

The diggers are out on Fleetwood beach, close to the Lower Lighthouse – and it has been hailed as a great boost by the town’s lifeboatmen.

Wyre Council’s management programme for the coast has seen contractors removing sand and shingle from Fleetwood, where beach levels are excessively high, and transporting it to Cleveleys, where sand was blown north during last winter’s storms.

The removal of excess sand means the water can flow faster and scour mud away from the lifeboat pen, helping the RNLI crew to provide a vital 24-hour service – even at low tide.

A council spokeswoman said: “The beach at Fleetwood is being used as a source of material because of its similarity to the beach at Cleveleys, and because we need to reduce levels there.

“This work is very much needed because the high levels of sand are impacting on the use of Fleetwood Nautical College’s training site and the Fleetwood lifeboat dock.”

Beach levels in Fleetwood are rising all the time. Sand drifts along the coast from Blackpool, which results in excess sand in Fleetwood.

The programme of work also includes repairs to groynes at Cleveleys and Fleetwood.

Captain Dave Eccles, operations manager of Fleetwood lifeboat, said: “This is fantastic work, the best thing to happen in years and the council must be commended. We have been struggling to get our lifeboat out at low tides with all the mud, and this will be a huge help.”