Finishing off park gate work

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Work to restore Fleetwood Memorial Park to its former glory continues with the finer details added to the park’s iconic gates.

The stone work has been cleaned up and painted with the gates restored – the finishing touch is the park’s name being added at the top of the arches.

The park is undergoing an extensive £2.4m renovation project courtesy of lottery funding.

New benches will arrive on Remembrance Avenue in the New Year which will have timber slats and metal ends in a curving design to match those originally used in the park.

A spokewoman for Wyre Council said: “It’s been a tremendous year for Memorial Park with much more to come in 2015.

“One of the next areas to tackle is the black asphalt around the war memorial, which will receive a decorative gravel finish, and the moving of the CCTV pole, so that it can survey a bigger field of view, including the rose garden.”

Fencing around the bowling greens will be replaced to improve the view and the edges to the bowling greens, where asphalt has broken up, will also be repaired. Provisions have been put in place to ease flooding on pathways and the pavilion close to the tennis courts is currently being extended and renovated.

Once complete, the interior will be fitted out, which will include an office for the park development officer and gardeners. There will also be a large meeting room space, which will be used to hold activities and will be available for schools and groups to hire.