Beach a real belter

Cou Pete Murphy
Cou Pete Murphy
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FLEETWOOD has been given a major tourism boost after its beach was named one of the best in Britain.

It is the first time ever that the beach has received a Quality Coast Award for its cleanliness and high standards.

The award, which was also given to Jubilee Beach in Cleveleys, has been hailed as a boost for the town by those involved in Fleetwood’s tourism industry.

Iain Johnstone, an environmentalist and former hotelier in Fleetwood, said: “Any quality award like this is a good thing.

“To be recognised at this standard means the rest of the country will see it and take note.

“But it doesn’t meant that we can be complacent.

“In both Cleveleys and Fleetwood we need to keep on top of any rubbish and have got to ensure we don’t have problems from the dog walkers.”

While Mr Johnstone believes the achievement of a Quality Coastal Award is a step in the right direction, he says improvements can still be made.

He added: “An improvement in Fleetwood would be to clear the trees and shrubbery that might trap the rubbish on our beaches.

“Fleetwood has one of the most attractive beaches in the country with its view of Morecambe Bay and we need to do more to manage it.

“Things are going in the right direction but we need to see more movement in terms of tidying the beaches and keeping them tidy.”

The award has left bosses at Wyre Council delighted after their continued efforts to clean up the coastline.

Coun Pete Murphy, Cabinet member with responsibility for keeping Wyre tidy, said: “We are proud of our beaches in Wyre and these awards underline what we’ve known for some time - that visitors are offered great facilities alongside a litter-free and safe environment.

“As a council we work hard to ensure this natural resource remains unspoilt and accessible to everyone.

“We hope the public will help us keep it that way by being responsible every time they visit.”

To maintain the beaches high standards and further improve its cleanliness, the borough council says it hopes to introduce dog control orders on certain stretches of sand later in the month.

Margaret Daniels, chairman of Fleetwood Civic Society, said: “The award is very good news.

“Hopefully it’s going to bring more people in and we need to make sure we maintain it.

“It can only be for the good of the town and it puts the name out there which is all that we are hoping for.”

Fleetwood and Cleveleys were the only beaches to receive their awards out of all the beaches on the Fylde Coast.

Blackpool’s south beach failed to keep the Quality Coast Award it was presented with last year after bosses at the Town Hall decided against applying due to all the construction work taking place on the Promenade.