Enough is enough

Councillor Terry Rogers
Councillor Terry Rogers

A Fleetwood councillor has vowed to take a zero tolerance approach to the biggest issues blighting Fleetwood.

A Fleetwood councillor has vowed to take a zero tolerance approach to the biggest issues blighting Fleetwood.

Rossall Ward and Fleetwood Town Councillor Terry Rogers says enough is enough - its time to ‘stop the pandering and get tough’ on persistent offenders who bring the town down.

And he is appealing to residents in Fleetwood to do their bit, to come forward with information about criminal activity and to help in the fight against crime.

He said: “With the help of Wyre Borough Council, Fleetwood Town Council, the police and most importantly the good residents of Rossall and Fleetwood, I am taking a zero tolerance approach to anti-social behaviour, dog fouling and drug dealing.

“Offenders have been given too much pandering in the past and now the gloves are off.

“I am sick and tired of the anti-social behaviour, I get complaints regularly about it.

“I’ve been out walking around and there is so much dog muck on the streets. We need to think outside the box and make a concerted effort to tackle and enforce these issues.

“There’s a PACT meeting this Saturday at Asda. I want the folk of Fleetwood to come along and in confidence tell me and the police about dealers on your street or if you can’t get a decent bit of peace because of anti-social behaviour.

“Tell us about those who let their dogs foul the streets. I will then prioritise it all and ask the police and other agencies to target the offenders.

“It’s time to put up or shut up.”

Fleetwood’s community police have backed Councillor Rogers’ appeal and are urging people to speak up.

Fleetwood Police Inspector Steve Bell said: “I fully support Councillor Rogers - we need people to be on board with us.”

“Come and talk to us, tell us what is going on, we can’t do it on our own.

“We are continuing to fight these issues and we do rely heavily on the local community to tell us about anti-social behaviour.

“Through PACT meetings, third party information and Crimestoppers, we review intelligence on a daily basis and then decide the most appropriate action.

“Last week we executed a property in Fleetwood where cannabis was found, a quantity of cash and white power which has gone for forensic examination.

“We made an arrest and that was all directly from information received.

“If we are not aware of an issue we can’t deal with it.

“Drugs and drug dealing is not just an issue in Fleetwood, it’s country wide and is part of society.

“Education and early intervention is paramount.

“We have our Revolution Team which works with people who have drug addictions, supporting them, making sure they are housed and are receiving prescribed medication to help their addictions.

“That in turn means they won’t be out commiting offences to support their addiction. And from that, anti-social behaviour and crime figures are reduced.

“We work closely with Wyre borough Council on the issue of dog fouling and we can prosecute repeat offenders.

“And with anti-social behaviour issues, we have a dedicated patrol car and mobile phone which responds to calls.”

Wyre Borough Council is doing its best to crackdown on dog owners who foul streets.

A team of area officers review reports and intelligence relating to dog fouling every month and carry out regular foot patrols accordingly, which include early mornings and evenings helping to reduce the problem in areas that were previously hot spots.

A spokeswoman said: “We haven’t issued any fines for dog fouling in the current financial year, however we are dealing with the issue in a variety of ways.

“We work with communities to identify irresponsible dog owners and educate them in order to change their mindsets but we need information to do this.

“We encourage people to report dog fouling and any information about those responsible, to help target our patrols and identify the culprits.

The PACT meeting starts at 10am.