Students grill Pool players

PUPILS from Saint Aidan’s CE Technology College in Preesall got the chance for a ‘Match of the Day’ experience last week courtesy of Blackpool FC’s media department.

As part of their work with the BBC School Report project, they had to come up with a local story and decided to look at the difference that being in the Premier league has made to the Seasiders as a whole.

They approached the club’s media department for help and they arranged for the team to go along to the club and meet players and staff at the ground to ask how their jobs had changed this season.

The students, Emma Walsh, 13, Robert Schofield, 13, Ben Newhouse, 15, and Esther Mathews, 16, got the use of the grounds media room to conduct their interviews, in the place where journalists grill players and boss Ian Holloway.

They spoke to players such as goalkeeper Chris Ketting and Pool veteran Brett Ormerod, who told them: “Training’s got harder the older I get but the Premier League is the best league in the world and the opposition is harder.”