Rise and shine with the Breakfast Club!

RISE AND SHINE: Pupils enjoy their start to the day at Fleetwood High School's Breakfast Club.
RISE AND SHINE: Pupils enjoy their start to the day at Fleetwood High School's Breakfast Club.

ANYONE for breakfast? Fleetwood High School’s Breakfast Club has been revamped.

The club now includes hot food and drinks served up by members of staff, and recorded music is included to give the place extra atmosphere.

It was set up to give young people who have come out without their breakfast a chance to eat something before school.

Servings take place between 7.45am and 8.30am and the food is reasonably priced to ensure the pupils can afford it.

Assistant head Shaun MacNeill is one of several members staff who serve the youngsters in the mornings.

He said: “It is recognised that breakfast is in some ways the most important meal of the day.

“It sets people up well for the day ahead.

“When people haven’t eaten their stomach starts to rumble and soon they feel pretty grotty and not exactly at their best.

“That has a bad effect on concentration, so it is important that people have a good breakfast before they begin their work.

“It also provides a pleasant start to the school day – food in the belly puts a smile on your face.

“The feedback from the students has been very positive – they really seem to enjoy the music as well as the relaxed atmosphere.

“They play their own CDs and we now have quite a few of the students coming in.”

And those prices certainly are low – a bacon barmcake costs just 50 pence, while a large cup of tea will set the customer back by a mere 20 pence and hot chocolate is 30 pence.

Corn flakes are even included on the menu, and so is toast.

The school has run a Breakfast Club in the past but for several reasons it came to an end.

Teaching staff saw the benefits of it and decided to bring it back – bigger and better than before.

Apart from Mr MacNeill, meals are served up by school staff Mrs Lindsay Nicklin and Mrs Kim Whitehouse, plus a variety of helpers on a casual basis.

Pictured left are just some of the pupils who are now making regular use of the breakfast facility each morning.

This Breakfast Club idea might just start catching on!