Restorative justice for Fleetwood’s children

Fleetwood Way initiative launch at Highbury.  Brooke Boal and Jake Farrington.
Fleetwood Way initiative launch at Highbury. Brooke Boal and Jake Farrington.

A NEW code of conduct involving every single Fleetwood school has been given a spectacular official public launch.

In front of more than 2,000 football fans at the town’s Highbury Stadium, the Fleetwood Way kicked off when schoolchildren took to the pitch at half time with posters.

The Fleetwood Way includes behaviour management and ways of dealing with any conflict arising in school.

It’s aim is to instil a sense of mutual respect throughout the Fleetwood education system, and uses restorative justice to solve conflicts between pupils.

One primary school headteacher has given an example of how this approach has already been effective in resolving a problem between pupils in school.

However, Fleetwood High School headteacher Richard Barnes, who coined the term Fleetwood Way, has stressed the code goes much further.

Mr Barnes told the Weekly News: “It is a very positive-looking approach and not just about how to deal with things when they go wrong,

“It is about instilling the values we hold dear as a community and how we conduct ourselves on a daily basis.

“It incorporates things like how children can help parents at home, how children can succeed in school, how they can be internet safe.

“It also applies to how adults conduct themselves, not just children.”

And Mr Barnes said that because every primary school was involved, they would already be on board with the code by the time they went to either of the town’s two high schools.

See this week’s Fleetwood Weekly News for the full story.