Moving on with technology in class

Students at Saint Aidan's High School are using ipads and tablets in their classrooms
Students at Saint Aidan's High School are using ipads and tablets in their classrooms
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Students at Saint Aidan’s Technology College returned to school armed with their pencil cases, books and their tablets as they become the first cohorts to use tablet devices across the school following a year long trial.

Last year’s Year 8 trial proved that tablet computers such as the iPad enhances students’ learning both in and outside the classroom and were practical in helping move towards a paperless classroom.

Students can use apps designed to test their knowledge and understanding which means teachers can gain valuable information from as soon as buttons are pressed.

They can also save work easily to complete at home or to send to others when collaborating on projects.

Lauren Halliwell, a student in Year 9 said: “I think using the iPads in class is a good idea because it allows us to do more independent work.”

Charlotte Rossall, also in Year 9, added: “The initiative has really made a difference to lessons in an extremely positive way.”

Research has shown there are many benefits to using tablet technology in the classroom.

They help create independent, innovative, inquisitive students while allowing them to connect easily with other students or with their teacher.

It also allows instant feedback and also prepares students for the future in their ‘digital generation’.

Kate Bray, head of Year 9, who has spearheaded the trial and the whole school development of iPads, said there are many advantages to using iPads.

She said: “Being able to gain such valuable feedback about students’ understanding of a topic so quickly is a huge benefit within the classroom.

“But, more importantly, students are engaged, interested and excited about their learning and nothing will help them more than this!”