Dozens of suggestions for saving Marine Hall

A CONSULTATION on the future of Fleetwood's Marine Hall has met with a varied reaction from Weekly News readers.

Wyre Council wanted to gauge the opinions of readers on what should be done with the venue after admitting it was concerned about the cost of its upkeep.

The council has allocated 400,000 in the 2009/10 budget to cover running expenses and says “all options” are being considered.

In the most exciting response, a newly-formed community arts group has spoken of the possibility of using the hall as its home base and attracting a series of cash grants as a result.

Lighthouse Community Arts, which is launching a major new talent show for Fleetwood and Wyre (see this week’s Leisure Time), has experience of similar funding bids in Warrington.

Fleetwood-born George Greenall, one of the founders of Lighthouse, explained: “If we based our community arts projects at the Marine Hall this could release a number of funds for individual projects and repairs to the building. We are in discussions with Wyre Council about this.”

Other readers raised a series of ideas, ranging from better, Fylde-wide advertising of shows and events, to using the Marine Hall for car boot sales and conferences, and even to forming a Friends of the Marine Hall group.

But the issue also raised more controversial points.

Coun Clive Grunshaw again raised the spectre of housing on the sea front.

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