Dorothy’s twin joy on lottery

LUCKY NUMBERS: Dorothy Watts was a Trinity Hospice lotterry winner.
LUCKY NUMBERS: Dorothy Watts was a Trinity Hospice lotterry winner.

DOROTHY Watts from Fleetwood lost her twin sister Betty in September 2010.

The devoted sisters had always been close and did everything together.

They had a double wedding, they went out shopping, took holidays and socialised together.

They both decided to join Trinity Hospice lottery when it was launched back in March 2010.

Dorothy, 83, was devastated when Betty passed away and in her memory she retained her twin sisters’ lottery numbers.

She could not believe her luck when she received the news that she had won £1,000 in the Hospice’s weekly draw on Friday April 11.

When asked why she joined she said: “I lost my husband to cancer and my daughter Veronica and her husband Stuart have worked for many years at the Hospice as volunteers.

“I am also actively involved with Cancer Research and sit on the committee to help raise funds.”

She continued: “When we lost Betty I decided to keep her lottery numbers and always knew that if her numbers came up then it would prove that she is still smiling and watching over me.

“So I have a double reason to celebrate the win.

“It marvellous news all round and was so unexpected.”

Lottery Manager Harry Grayson said: “What a lovely story and I am delighted that Dorothy has had her good fortune in her late sister’s memory.

He added: “The Hospice lottery continues to grow week on week.

“In fact, I am delighted to report that the membership has doubled since the launch and we are confident that we can reach our target of 4,000 members by the end of the year.

“It is always pleasure to hear heart-warming stories about the winners.”

A number of the winners have come from Fleetwood since the launch.

The Hospice relies on donations and fund-raisers so the lottery is a vital source of revenue for it.

Trinity Hospice lottery has a guaranteed set prize fund of £1,500 each and every week: £1,000 first prize; 2nd prize £300; 3rd prize of £100 and 10 consolation prizes of £10 all for a cost of just £1 per week. People can join on-line by visiting:

Alternatively call at the Hospice on Low Moor Road, Bispham or pick up a leaflet or simply ring the Hospice hotline on 0870-050-5895.