Doctor's fears over Wyre's housing boom

Doctors at one of Garstang's soon-to-merge GPs surgeries fear they may be 'unable to provide adequate care' for patients because of the town's on-going building boom.

Friday, 29th September 2017, 5:48 pm
Updated Wednesday, 4th October 2017, 3:24 pm
Jonathan Williamson from Windsor Surgery

The comments were made against the backdrop of recently approved plans for around 1,000 homes in greater Garstang – and the likelihood of more approvals soon.

The medics’ concerns, voiced by Dr Jonathan Williamson, from Windsor Surgery, became public as Wyre Council planners considered the latest private housing scheme – for 49 homes off Calder House Lane, Bowgreave.

In a report presented to councillors at the Wyre planning committee meeting the Windsor Surgery fears were outlined by officers, who stated: “They will be unable to provide adequate care, given their current limits on Primary Care provision. They are aware they will now be hamstrung by the resultant massive increase in list size which will be generated by these housing developments.”

The population of Garstang and district is likely to rise by around 3,000 over the next few years as new estates south of the town, at Catterall, Claughton and the Nateby “new town” developments are built.

In a letter to planners, Dr Williamson said the current combined list for both surgeries was more than 18,000.

He added: “We are currently providing the best possible care we can for our community but, given the proposed housing developments, we fear we will be unable to provide adequate care, given our current limits on Primary Care provision. “

Dr Williamson, added there was a need to have “the infrastructure and framework in place’ to cope with the demands for health services”.