Disillusioned councillor quits over ‘lack of support’

Bob Winston
Bob Winston

A disillusioned former Fleetwood councillor has spoken out about his decision to resign.

Bob Winston, who represented Rossall ward on Fleetwood Town Council, cited a lack of support from townspeople as one of the reasons he chose to give up his seat.

However, Mr Winston is continuing his involvement with the port’s Neighbourhood Watch scheme.

He said: “It was just a matter that I just got disillusioned with the whole thing.

“In my opinion we weren’t really getting the support from the people of Fleetwood, and there was a lot of conflict within the council itself and at public meetings.

“We never got people coming to them unless they had a particular beef or to ask for money.”

Mr Winston resigned from his post in June having been a founding member of the town council when it was created five years ago following a referendum with Fleetwood residents.

He said: “There was a group that canvassed the people of Fleetwood to ask if they wanted a town council and then they were looking for volunteers.

“I thought I could do some good for the people of Fleetwood.”

Mr Winston’s highlight of his five years in the post was working with fellow councillors and Rotary club members to organise the Jubilee celebrations last year.

He added: “It was well worth it because it was for the benefit of the people of Fleetwood.”

Mr Winston, 73, is well known around the port town as the quizmaster at Strawberry Gardens pub, on Poulton Road, and also chairing executive police and community together (PACT) meetings.

He added: “It’s very important for people to have their say in local issues.

“I still work organising meetings with the public and police so they can air views and problems.”

But he said he has had little reaction from residents about his departure.

He added: “I’ve not had a lot of reaction.

“When I talked about things about the council people said it was a waste of time.

“That was part of why I stepped down, you get comments like that and it just wears you down.”

He now says he believes Neighbourhood Watch meetings, which are held in the town’s Asda and Aldi supermarkets on alternative months, are “more productive” than town council meetings.

He said: “We’re going out to meet people and we get good information from them that way.

“At the town council it was the same six people who used to come to us asking the same questions.”

Anyone interested in applying for the vacant seat on Fleetwood Town council should apply by email to clerk@fleetwoodtowncouncil.org or by post to 122 Poulton Road, Fleetwood, Lancashire, FY7 7AR.

For more information call (01253) 872444.